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1750 17TH STREET, C-1 • SARASOTA, FL 34234

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The Suncoast Housing Collaborative (SHC) wants as many successful tenancies as possible.

Ongoing Membership Benefits

  • Property Owner Guarantee Fund
    In case of excessive damages and/or early termination, properties can access up to an additional $1,000 above the security deposit. Further, in case of abandonment property owners can receive up to two months of rent.
  • Housing Stability Support
    All tenants will receive wrap-around services provided by our local nonprofit partners focused on maintaining housing stability and a successful tenancy.
  • Mediation
    Mediation is provided in partnership with the Suncoast Community Mediation, a group of third-party professional mediators with experience successfully resolving owner-tenant disputes.
  • Bonuses
    • Membership Bonus
      New landlords who join the SHC by completing the Initial Landlord Interest and Rental Criteria Form as well as the Landlord Membership Agreement receive $250.
    • Lease Signing Bonus
      New members receive $2,000 for each of their first five units leased up through the SHC. Existing members receive a universal $500 for each move-in without limitation.
    • Housing Authority Voucher Sign-On Bonus
      The Sarasota Housing Authority (SHA) is currently offering an additional $500 bonus to new landlords who rent their properties to individuals and families holding a Mainstream Voucher or Emergency Housing Voucher.
      • The EHV program operates within the same parameters of the Housing Choice Voucher and requires the property to meet the same quality standards.
      • The sign-on bonus will be administered when the property and EHV participant enter into an initial lease and SHA executes a Housing Assistant Payments (HAP) contract. The bonus will be issued by SHA to the property owner via direct deposit.