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What is the Suncoast Housing Collaborative?

The Suncoast Housing Collaborative (SHC) is a partnership between support service providers, property owners, and community members in Sarasota and Manatee dedicated to ensuring that permanent and accessible housing is available to all our neighbors.

The SHC connects individuals and families experiencing homelessness to private market units that offer flexible screening criteria in exchange for benefits designed that mitigate risk for the property owner.

How will I get monthly rental payments?

Many tenants will either use a Rapid Re-Housing subsidy, a Mainstream Voucher, or an Emergency Housing Voucher.

RRH tenants have a rental payment agreement through the sponsoring service provider who pays the landlord directly each month.

Voucher tenants’ rent is paid monthly through a direct deposit to the landlord via the Sarasota Housing Authority.

Other clients will independently pay their rent to the landlord each month.

If I join the SHC, do I have to accept both Rapid Re-Housing & Housing Vouchers?

No. It is up to you as the landlord to decide what type of subsidies make sense for your property.

What are wraparound services?

Wraparound services are the holistic approach to supporting a client into long-term housing stability. We understand everyone is different and may have differing needs. Local service providers offer expert support in areas such as: mental health, substance abuse, employment, disability support, and financial management.

Tenants referred through the SHC have access to a wealth of knowledge and community resources to guide them towards self-sufficiency

Is there a set list of rental criteria that landlords have to follow in order to participate?

No. Properties choose their own rental criteria, though all individuals housed through the Collaborative will likely have inconsistent rental history and limited income.

For the greatest impact and widest applicant pool, however, the SHC encourages landlords to consider flexibility on eviction history and criminal background.